Supercamperific is a non-denominational camp ministry that makes a summer camping experience available for children in grades four through ten from any church or family.  Campers arrive Monday morning and leave on Saturday morning.  There are only two weeks of the summer that Supercamperific takes place.    We typically have an operational staff of 20 for about 75 to 100 campers each week.  We use the facilities of the group campgrounds located at McCormick's Creek State Park in Spencer, Indiana. We rent the facilities of the group campgrounds, recruit volunteers, provide our own game equipment, cook our own food, run our own program, clean the campgrounds at the end of the week and then go home.  Because it is owned by the state of Indiana, all buildings meet safety code requirements, especially the mess hall with a commercial kitchen.  Campers and staff stay in cabins built and maintained by the state.  Each cabin has smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, two outside doors and sleeps 26 persons.  There are very strict rules regarding the safety of the campers. 

​Every person connected with Supercamperific, counselors, cooks, and op staff are volunteers. No one is paid for their services.  Everyone is carefully screened and required to have a criminal background check.  We try to recruit adults that are parents, have worked with children in the church, and have a desire to give campers a great camp experience.  Counselors must be college age or older.  A registered nurse is part of the op staff and is always present for any activities that take place in the park.  Only the nurse is allowed to administer any prescription medicine or procedures.  Campers are not allowed to keep their medicines with them.

​Part of the daily program is swimming in the park's swimming pool for two hours.  It is maintained by the state and has qualified lifeguards on duty at all times.  ​Other activities of the day include hiking on park trails, playing in the water falls, playing games at the big field, (wiffle ball, kickball, tube mound madness, foxtail, etc.).  Individual competitions are also held during the week which may include ping pong, corn hole, air hockey, ground hockey, carpet pool, and several basketball competitions.   Ribbons are given in these events as well as for Cabin Cheers and Scripture Memory.  Boxing for fun takes place during the second week.

​The director of the camp, Terry Foster, has been involved with children's ministries at several local churches and is currently employed by College Park Church Greenwood.  He is the main speaker for the evening services.

​Supercamperific, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.  As a non-profit ministry, donations are tax deductible.  If you would like to contribute to the scholarship fund, please contact us.  We try not to turn any child away from a great camp experience, so scholarships are a vital part of the ministry.

3 Reasons Why I Believe In Camp

Jesus is always the best example to follow. As you read the scriptures, you see Him often retreating from the crowds and the “normal” flow of life. He goes away and spends intimate time with His followers or with His Father. I believe that model still has great value. When teenagers remove themsel​ves from the distractions of their everyday lives, they tend to hear the Lord more clearly. Spending focused time in healthy Biblical community helps them understand the call to serve, and to make the truth of the Gospel known.

I am constantly being told by parents that their children still talk about camp all of the time. There are many stories of the impact that camp has had on their personal and home lives.  Some campers come to Christ for the first time (seeing campers going from death to life never gets old). Also, there are countless other decisions that come from these intimate times with God. Camp is about lifting up the name of Jesus, and letting the Spirit do what only He can do.  I am the product of an experience at camp that literally altered my life’s trajectory. One moment with God at camp put a life of faith and serving God in motion. I imagine that’s likely true for many of you, as well. God often uses these simple moments to reveal the good plan He has in store for our lives.

Well, at least they SHOULD. And I can personally say that this is our hope for Supercamperific. As we craft the camp experience, knowing the Gospel and making it known are front-and-center for us.  Camp will help students know the Gospel, grasp their mission of making the Gospel known, and embrace the call to be disciple-makers. We want campers to not just be consumers of the Gospel, but conduits of the Gospel advancement!  

The experience of a week of camp not only helps a camper become a stronger disciple of Christ but will help strengthen their families, their Biblical community, their youth groups, and ultimately their church.