There is very little free time for campers during the week because each day is filled with activities.  The campers are divided into two teams that will compete in group games, whacky competitions, and cabin clean-up.  (Every evening during free time, the dirtiest cabins get to clean the shower house).  Campers will also be able to compete in individual competitions including ping pong, foosball, various basketball contests, air hockey, pool, track & field events, swimming & diving events, and other contests.  Ribbons will be awarded at the end of the week.  We will be swimming every day in the park’s swimming pool which has certified lifeguards on duty.  Every morning campers spend time with their counselors (God & I Time) learning how to have a closer relationship with Christ.  The evening service is a fun and spirited time of singing, skits, and worship.  After the evening service campers have free time to play games, read mail, hang out, and visit the  snack shop.  Before lights out every evening the cabins have devotions and prayer.  During the week we have three special nights when the campers compete for team points by “dressing up”.  While this is not required, everyone is encouraged to participate for fun and points.  We will have Crazy Hat Night, Cowboy or Indian Dress up night, and a Luau Night.


              HOW PARENTS CAN HELP
It is our goal to provide a week free of distractions for your child.  Since campers are involved in camp activities at all times and have very little free time, parents are asked not to visit their child during the week.  The presence of parents at camp usually promotes home-sickness for your child and other campers.  Counselors and camp staff must remain focused on the campers and not visitors.  Campers are not allowed to have phones at camp and cannot use camp staff’s phones.  Thank you for your cooperation. The best way you can help your camper is to pray daily that they will listen to God speak.  The camp director can be reached day or night in case of emergencies at 317-258-9108.


A registered nurse will be on duty at all times.  She will administer all medications at the proper time.  Any prescriptions should be turned in to her at the check-in on Monday.  Please indicate on the registration form the dosage taken and any allergies to food or insect bites.  In case of a serious injury or illness, the camper will be taken to the hospital in Bloomington and the parents will be called to meet them there.  Parents will be called if a camper becomes extremely homesick.


                      WHAT TO BRING
Campers stay in rustic-cedar cabins equipped with a restroom and bunk beds. Bring twin-sized sheets, blankets, and/or a sleeping bag, pillow, towels, toiletries, flashlight, one-piece swimsuit, shoes for wading in the creek, jacket/sweatshirt, Bible, note pad, pen, insect repellent.  Water guns may be brought by the campers, grades 4 - 6, for the water war.  Campers must wear tennis shoes during hiking and the big field games.  Please mark all belongings.  Lost items will be held for one week.

                      WHAT TO WEAR
For daily activities, campers may wear shorts or loose-fitting jeans/pants.  Shorts are to be finger-tip length.  Spaghetti-strap tops are not permitted for girls.  For the evening services, everyone must be clean and neat.  All campers will be expected to shower daily.  Campers will be asked to change any inappropriate clothing.  Girls are to wear one-piece swimsuits.  Tankeenies are not allowed.



                      SENDING MAIL
Mail and care packages may be sent to your camper at: Supercamperific, McCormick’s Creek State Park, 250 McCormick’s Creek Park Rd., Spencer, In. 47460. k.


                   WHAT NOT TO BRING
Electronic devices and cell phones are not allowed at camp.  Campers will not be allowed to call anyone during the week. Do not bring non-prescription drugs, magazines, fireworks, knives, shaving cream, or a bad attitude.  Pranks and destruction of camp facilities will not be tolerated.  Anyone that violates these rules may be sent home, must pay for damages, and will not receive a refund of camp fees.



               GETTING TO CAMP
It takes about 90 minutes to get to the camp from Greenwood.  Take St. Rd. 37 south to St. Rd. 46 in Bloomington.  Travel west through Ellettsville to the entrance of McCormick’s Creek Park.  Follow the signs to the group campground called Na Wa Kwa.  Upon arrival, please check in at the amphitheater, give all medications to the nurse, turn in money for the snack shop, and meet the counselors.  Campers may register Monday between 9 am and 10 am.

                          GOING HOME
Parents are encouraged to attend the closing ceremony Saturday morning at 9:30 am.  Please do not come too early so that campers can take care of their cabins. The closing ceremony includes songs, cheers, and a summary of the week’s activities. Please do not bring pets into the campground.  If your child needs to leave the camp early or with someone other than their parents, written authorization is required.




                   8:00 am        Breakfast                     
                   8:30 am        Cabin Clean-Up 
                   9:30 am        God & I Time  
                  10:30 am        Ind. Competitions  
                  12:30 pm        Lunch            
                   1:30 pm        Big Field/Swimming 
                   5:00 pm        Clean-Up/Shower  
                   6:00 pm        Supper                     
                   7:00 pm        Evening Service   
                   8:30 pm        Free Time             
                   9:30 pm        Cabin Devotions
                 10:00 pm        Lights Out





The week of June 14 - 19 is for campers going into 7th - 10th grade in the Fall and June 21 - 26 is for campers going into 4th - 6th grade. The two camps will have the same schedule, menu, and competitions.  Campers will only be allowed to attend the camp for their grade.